Who Are We?

Rent A Receptionist is Calgary's new and innovative Executive Office Solutions Service Company. We are a team of highly skilled and dedicated Expert Office Consultants that are always available when you need them. We offer Virtual Assistant, After Hours, Website and Database design services.

Our services are offered on a pay as you go basis, use our services only when you need them, there are no contacts or long term agreements to sign.

We believe in giving our customers professional, high quality work for a fraction of the cost. We are a small business and we know how expensive services can get, that is why we offer Pay As You Go.

Call us today,  let us do the work for you!

403-452-0899 | 403-689-8379

What We Do ?

Rent A Receptionist works from their own fully equipped office location to assist you in your everyday office needs.

We offer our clients exactly what they need, when they need it, a virtual receptionist for a few hours, an administrative assistant for a week, a new look for their company, a database customized to their business needs, an service call booker when they are away.

No matter what your needs are we've got you covered, and you only pay for the time you require. There are no hidden fees or charges, we bill in 15 minute increments and on a project/task base.

Email us today, start freeing up your time tomorrow!



Our Services

» Start-UP Website design

» Database Design

» Virtual Assistant Services

» After Hours Services


We Eliminate:

» Payroll expenses, taxes, benefits and vacation pay

» Additional office equipment, space and furnishings

» Traditional office hours

» Unused hours by an employee

» Time away (illness, vacation, and annual leaves)