Professional Office Services
We offer over 25 years experience in the Administration industry, just use our services when you need them and pay only for the time we spend on your task/project.

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We Eliminate:

» Payroll expenses, taxes, employee benefits and vacation pay
» Additional office equipment, space and furnishings

» Traditional business hours
» Unused hours by an employee
» Time away (illness, vacation and annual leaves)

Benefits of our Services:

» Work is completed off-site
» No sick days, vacations or annual leave of absences

» No employee contracts
» Pay only for the time it takes to complete the work
» Urgent tasks can be completed outside regular hours
» More time to focus on your business

Welcome to Rent A Receptionist Professional Office Services.

Whether you need a full-time assistant or just someone to answer your web chats part-time, our virtual office assistants provide the same connectivity and reliability as a traditional office assistant, but without the sick days, hourly and pay requirements, and physical space that a typical receptionist would take. Our services are available when you need them, so you only pay for the services you need, and the actual time spent on them.

We specialize in:

Live Web Chat Services
Virtual Administrative Services
After Hours Service Calls
Business Database Solutions