We work from our fully equipped office!
We are two highly skilled and dedicated Assistants, we have over 25 years combined experience. Just use our services when you need them and pay only for the time we spend on your task/project.

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Virtual Assistants Eliminates:

» Payroll expenses, taxes, employee benefits and vacation pay
» Additional office equipment, space and furnishings

» Traditional office hours and overtime rates
» Unused hours by an employee
(pay for time on the task)
» Time away (illness, vacation and annual leaves)

Benefits of a Virtual Assistant:

» Work is completed off-site
» No sick days, vacations or annual leave of absences

» No employee contracts
» Pay only for the time you use, not for employee breaks
» Urgent tasks can be completed outside regular hours
» Gives you more time to focus on your business

Welcome to Rent A Receptionist Virtual Business Consultants.

Rent A Receptionist is a team of two highly skilled virtual office professionals ready to assist you or your business. Our Virtual Assistants can provide a wide range of tasks that will free up your valuable time so you can focus on building your business.

We provide professional, high quality, cost effective business solutions via phone, fax, email and internet to our clients in Alberta and Ontario.

If you are a busy executive, entrepreneur, or have a small business and you don't want to invest in additional equipment, employees and benefits, or your just need an assistant that is on-call, then you should consider hiring a Virtual Assistant to help your business.

We specialize in:

Virtual Assistant Services

Database Design